About the Program

The educational program of the C.P.E. Tyndale St-Georges respects the current educational program of the Ministère de la Famille (MF); such Gazelle and Pumpkin that guides us in creating environments conducive to healthy eating, active play and motor development. This program is based on both democratic and environmental approaches and the theory of attachment.

Our approach takes root in the fact that every child comes with his own personality. Through his interactions within our center, the child develops an emotional relationship with members of the CPE team and with other children. Thus, each child is influenced by our team, by the other children and also by the environment of the center. We promote the optimal development of each child by providing a safe and healthy environment and taking into account their individual and individual needs.

All members of our team establish positive and individualized relationships with each child. First, the educator gives the children a lot of affection and encourages them constantly. The educator is empathic, responds quickly to their needs and makes their environment warm. Another essential element: it encourages children to have fun - a lot of fun!

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C.P.E. Tyndale St. Georges adheres to its commitment of providing accessible, affordable, quality care for children. Our curriculum is based on principles of developmentally appropriate practices. This curriculum is based on the High/ Scope Educational Approach, which allows for children to explore, invent and learn about their world.

Children are capable, competent, curious and creative. (Rinaldi 1993) Our educators will work to develop these qualities in each child. How the educators empower the children to take control of their learning is by:

  • Observing and documenting the child’s interests.
  • After watching the child adds to his/her learning by use of materials, equipment, research opportunities and time.
  • Allow for opportunities for the children to discover and create on their own.
  • Allow for opportunities for the children to become autonomous and build their self-confidence.
  • Provide a flexible curriculum that meets the needs of all children.

The goal of this curriculum is to ensure both the child and educator is moving in a path towards discovery and learning. Staff Professional Development and support for the emergent curriculum will continue to be offered through ongoing research, workshops, visits to other centers, etc.