CPE Tyndale St. Georges

Tyndale St. Georges has a long history in the community. The first preschool program started in the 1940’s at Tyndale St. Georges Community Center. The program operated on the principle that preschools can do much to support, stimulate and guide children so that they may achieve their full potential and enhance society.

By the 1990’s, all staff hired at the preschool program had been trained educators with degrees in Early Childhood Education. The educational philosophy adopted at that time is the High scope Emergent Curriculum program.

The present CPE was situated at Tyndale St. Georges Community Center. Once we applied to become a daycare (CPE), we moved out of the community center to the present building on Delisle avenue. As a CPE, we have kept the Highscope Educational program as our educational approach to learning.

Once we became a CPE we were better able to serve the community by having 50 children, compared to 34 at the preschool program. Finally, over the years, we have increased our permit again from 50 to 70. Now we can accommodate 70 children on a daily basis.

10 out of 11 Educators at CPE Tyndale St. Georges are trained in Early Childhood education, with degrees from Concordia University and Vanier College.